Saturday, May 23, 2009

sparkly dragonflies

I haven't cupcaked in what feels like aaaaaaaaaaaaages, and when I saw these cute dragonfly cupcakes in my Cupcakes by Colour book I just couldn't resist making a batch to take along to Brown Owls this afternoon (more on that tomorrow!)

and yes, I did pick out individual bits of shreddded coconut for the antennae - as amusing as that apparently is ;o) in fact I even tried to match them by size

The cakes are chocolate peppermint - the quick-mix recipe also from the Cupcakes by Colour book - but I wasn't quite happy with how they turned out. Can anyone recommend an excellent chocolate cupcake recipe??



  1. I don't have that book, is it worth buying?? Love the cup cakes. To tell you the truth other than replacing some of the flour with cocoa, I usually make mud cake cup cakes for chocolate ones!!! Nothing succeds like excess.

  2. I LOVED this cupcake. It was dense and almost mud-like. My kind of cake.

    The dragon/butterflies were such a nice touch! I loved that you put shredded coconut as the antenna!

    (You insane woman!!) xo

  3. It did make me smile that you picked out individual pieces of shredded coconut, but it just goes to show your attention to detail. I think they look fabulous! :) You're such a whiz in the kitchen!


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