Thursday, May 07, 2009

too big for your boots?

I could not tell you how many hours I have spent over the past 10 years looking for a pair of boots that would zip up over my, erm, shapely calves.

I was right about to order some from the UK when I came across a shot of the gorgeous Lillipilli in her ace red boots.
Knowing she was in Melbourne, I figured at least where ever she got her boots from shipped to Australia.
I followed the link to discover that not only is Boots for Broads based in Australia, they are right here in Canberra!

I had my measurements taken the very next day, and just a few weeks later, TAADAA!

My very own, custom made to measure, lovely coomfy boots, which zipped ALL THE WAY UP on the very first try!

If you're in Canberra, the girls are at the Old Bus Depot Markets on the first Sunday of each month - go see them and they'll take your measurements for you!
Otherwise, pop over to the website and follow their instructions to order your very own boots =) Both Elizabeth and Janice are lovely to deal with - so if you have any problems/questions don't be scared to email them =)

So now my only boot-lema is should I go for flats or a heel for the brown pair I'm dying to order?



  1. I think they look fantastic. I'm so getting myself a pair of Kerrin boots one of these days!

  2. Tell me I'm not dreaming! Custom made leather boots right here in Canberra. First Sunday now in my diary.

  3. I was looking at the Kerrin boots too Michelle! :) This is something that I've always had a problem with as well. Next time I'm at the OBDM I'll definately be having a look around.

  4. woo hoo! Yes the boot/calf situation in the shops has become more varied in recent years but still not varied ENOUGH. These are great!

  5. They look wonderful and you are right: so hard to buy boots for the more athletically calved!! Now, if they only had green.....

  6. Oh wow, what brilliant boots! How cool to have them custom made! They are stunning!

  7. I vote flats for the brown boots - can be dressy or casual, but generally more comfy than heels. A nice wedge heel is a good option too (if they do them - am being lazy and not looking at their site - although I have looked at it before - thanks to you!!) Yay for custom fit boots!

  8. Lovely boots. I have the smae problem & have yet to fit a pair that fits.

  9. I'd be going for Kerren in the brown - they look awesome!!

  10. Those boots are niiiiiiiiiiiiiice

    oh, and another vote for Kerrin from me!

  11. My problem has always been less the calf and more the fact that my very high arches don't 'go round the corner' - I can't get my foot actually into the boot - so mostly I have no idea whehter they will zip up the calves or not - Thanks so much for this site Kuka - I can see red boots in my future......


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