Monday, June 15, 2009

Granny inspiration

Oooooh all I can think about this week is granny squares!!! Granny granny granny squares! And then some more granny squares! =)

Here are some of my favourites from flickr this week (can you tell that it's cold and gloomy here, and I'm living my colours through the net??)

1. Calor, um projeto colorido, 2. Untitled, 3. It's done!, 4. a rainbow of roses, 5. IMG_2369, 6. Sunburst Granny Square...blanket, 7. Waiting closeup, 8. Granny Scape, 9. 148, 10. Granny Square Blanket, 11. hexagons in progress, 12. Last Batch 121/ in a square, 13. joining granny squares :: step 20, 14. First Blanket, 15. first 8, 16. Bright granny squares afghan

I've been working on a few crochety things, but my hands just can't keep up with my brain! And it's all I can do not to order some squooshy yarn in 14 bright colours and get started on something new!



  1. I'm SLOWLY coming around to granny squares. My childhood was fairly saturated with them, blankets, cushions...the whole cabin of our boat! Lovely mustard yellow and brown......too many memories - still a way to go for me I think! But, seeing your collage is helping my recovery.

  2. How gorgeous - I really must learn to crochet - just to make such lovely rainbows!

  3. P.S. Have decided I need to move to Attic24's attic. Would you like to come too?

  4. I looooooooooooove granny squares too! Very excited about the prospect of finally learning how to make them!

  5. Wow! Love it... I too must learn to crochet!!


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