Sunday, June 21, 2009

shortest day

This time of year I sometimes find myself feeling a bit sad that we don't have snowy winters here.
But then, in what white winter landscape would the shortest day of the year see the first pink blossoms bursting out?

Our apricot tree has suddenly looked right on the verge of flowering for a few days now, and sure enough this afternoon these lovelies uncurled. It seems like just last week that the leaves dropped!

In fact they're running a little late - when we moved in almost exactly a year ago we were welcomed by the tree in full blossom. I expect we'll see a similar show before the week is out.

Last year we didn't know what to expect from the blossoms, our best guess was maybe almonds. Hopefully this year, knowing what we're looking after, we'll be able to cultivate a better crop - last year's apricots were quite floury, perhaps for lack of water?

Besides the new blossoms bursting out, we also have cauliflower and broccoli growing great guns in our garden at the moment, but, unfortunately, I think that morning with the -6C frost was just a touch too much for the passionfruit!



  1. Oh yes! Beautiful blossoms! We got home last night to find one of our viburnums in almost-full bloom!

  2. Ooh, beautiful flowers!! We also have 3 fruit trees in our new backyard that we aren't quite sure about... we think there is an apricot and a plum, but will be very excited to find out! A nut tree would be fantastic!


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