Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday footy

We spent this afternoon at the football in Manuka.

It was fairly miserable - the temperature hovered somewhere between 7C and 10C, and it started to rain during the second half - but the cupcakes and coffee got us through ;0)

Needless to say we needed some of this when we got home! =)


If you're interested, I'll be popping a couple more pics up on flickr in the next few days =)


  1. Oh, what a miserable day. I was glad to be tucked up in the hall with the heaters blasting and some slice and coffee, I can tell you!

    Was it a good game though?

  2. Hey! I was there, about 10 metres to your left, right on 50/in the pocket up the back safely under cover and about 5degrees warmer than anyone not under cover - and STILL freezing!

    TERRIBLE sloppy game no matter who your team is! I still stood up and sang the song though. :)

  3. Oh gosh, that looks like the UK at the moment!

  4. Ha, we were there too! I think that is us in your photo. Shame it was a poor game on top of the cold weather.


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