Sunday, July 05, 2009

I heart cupcakes =)

I went on a little shopping expedition to Gold Creek in Gungahlin yesterday, and no trip there is complete without dropping into Cherry Seed Cupcakes.

We had planned on just popping in for a cuppa, but I couldn't resist bringing home these two - vanilla with vanilla icing, and chocolate with chocolate icing =)

I just love visiting Cherry Seed. Everything is baked on site in a little kitchen, just like at home, and is so fresh that the chocolate cupcake we shared over our tea was still warm, and the tea came in the most beautiful little pots. I'm not sure where they get the "freckles" for on top of the choccie ones, but they are just DELICIOUS!

I hope your weekend was full of cupcakes and sprinkles too! =)



  1. OMGyum! :D

    I made a mental note to visit that store after the last time you mentioned them, but it's obviously slipped my mind.

    Making another mental note for this weekend! :)

  2. Do love that shop - a friend of Miss 3 had her 3rd birthday party there - gorgeous. Mouth-watering just watching!

  3. Oh they are lovely, I am so excited that they have vanilla with vanilla icing. Yum. And proper tea too. That's sounds perfect!!

  4. OMG they look so decadent!!! Yum!


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