Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's Tuesday, and I can't wait...

...for this little guy's head to get better!
You might just be able to make out a hairless spot over his left eye in the photo - he's had a nasty abscess there (courtesy of a wrestling match with Jinx, we think) which required surgery to drain it last week =(
I'm looking forward to it being all healed up - its too sad telling him he can't come in the bed for a hug on the chilly weekend mornings we've been having! =)

I'm also looking forward to finding out who won season 3 of Design Star (sorry, not game to go looking for links before I see who wins!)!! Tuesday night is interior design night on our telly, and I've enjoyed this show so much =) The final episode was actually on this evening, and we taped it, but it stopped recording before the winner was announced! BUM! Luckily most of the Foxtel channels repeat their shows a couple of times through the week, so we can record it overnight and catch up tomorrow!!!


Join in at Lou Lou's and let us know what you can't wait for this Tuesday!

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