Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Creative Space

My creative space is a COMPLETE DISASTER at the moment!!!

Now, I'm all for working in the midst of controlled chaos, but all this clutter has left no space for ANY creativity!

So, this weekend the plan is OPERATION CRAFTY CLEAN-UP!!

I was home from work today (we were getting a quote for some shower repairs. eeeek again!), and I just couldn't resist a bit of creation in the kitchen too ;o)
AND maybe you can see in the background there, my main creative space this week was the laundry - I now have 4 less loads to do on the weekend!

As always, you can see other (tidier) creative spaces over here =)



  1. I need operation crafty clean out too but I'm holding out for when we move...I'll just start again.

  2. This weekend is the perfect weekend for a clean out!

    And they some crafting in the sun!

  3. My craft room quite often looks like that. Nice to know I'm not alone. Enjoy your weekend with 4 less loads of washing.

  4. Me too! Mine is a tip - so I bought a tub thingy to put WIPs in!

    Love the caterpillar cake - he is beautiful - and visited a super lovely (and super expensive) crafty shop with Ms 2 Paw called Cocoon - where I desired everything and could afford nothing!

  5. My dining table looks incredibly similar to your creative space at the moment - I've got 'cleaning up' on my weekend schedule too!

  6. hehe, thats a great creative space! made me giggle as it was what my craft room looked like till i got into manic tidy-up mode a week ago. :D Trace


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