Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nordic Film Festival

This weekend the Nordic Film Festival is showing in Canberra - two films from each Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden.

Naturally I was super keen to see the Danish films, and who could resist a film about Eurovision (even if it is Swedish ;o))?!

So today we spent the afternoon at the cinema seeing two festival films - Once in a Lifetime and Flammen & Citronen.

Once in a Lifetime was really funny, and a bit sad too. The same director, Susanne Bier, worked on the danish film Efter Brylluppet (After the Wedding - which coincidentally stars ads Mikkelsen, OFDA (Our Favourite Danish Actor), who was a lead in today's other film. Oooh, and she also directed Den Eneste Ene (The One and Only), which is one of my absolute most very favourite danish films (but which I frustratingly can't find on DVD with English subtitles!). I thought it was interesting this film was chosen for screening - since it is nearly 10 years old, compared to the other mostly recent films. I was also surprised there were so few people there - I thought the Eurovision angle might get a few people in! But there are 2 more screenings to go - tomorrow and Monday afternoons - so if you're in Canberra check it out! =)

Flammen and Citronen is a story of resistance fighters in World War II Copenhagen, and isn't really the sort of thing I would usually see - I try to avoid anything that looks to heavy. But it was absolutely brilliant. The acting was amazing (of course, it does star Mads), and it was (despite the blood) lovely to look at and well shot (pardon the pun).
Unfortunately this one is finished in Canberra,as far as the Festival goes, but it is out on DVD (not sure about availability here, but I've seen it online) and if you're in Melbourne the Nordic Film Festival is headed your way next week!

Part 3 is Tuesday afternoon - I'll keep you posted! =)


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