Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Terribly Happy

Last night we popped along to the cinema for the third and final installment of our Nordic Film Festival experience: another Danish film - Frygtelig Lykkelig (Terribly Happy).

I have seen a couple of reviews describing this film as 'Coen brothers-esque'. I have to admit I'm not super familiar with the work of the Coen brothers, so I couldn't say whether or not that's a good assessment but I can tell you one thing: this film is HILARIOUS (in a dark quirky kind of way, but hilarious none the less).

We have had so much fun spending a couple of hours in Northern Europe this week that we're totally inspired to have a few movies nights at home, re-watching the dozen or so Danish films I have on DVD.

And we're hoping to have the chance to indulge more of the same if the festival is back next year! =)


ps. if you're in Melbourne it's not too late! Check out the screening times here!


  1. But but but! The International film festival is on! You can't stay at home just yet!

  2. the Danes do fantastic films. I've seen some wonderful ones over the years. This would have been really enjoyable.

    And get yourself some Coen films. Fabulous stuff.


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