Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Very hungry

Oooh, I have lots of (not super exciting ;o)) things to share from the past month, so I might just have a couple of catch up posts with some pics to get me back into the bloggy swing =)

In September I was lucky enough to be asked to be chief in charge of a birthday cake for one of my very favourite little peeps. It was her first birthday, and my first kid's birthday cake, and I think we were both pretty pleased with it =)

My very hungry catepillar was very much inspired by this one by the very clever Coco Cake Cupcakes.

I used licorice for the legs, nose and antenae, and gummi frogs for the eyes =)
And to get that gorgeous red I used a ready-to roll fondant (Christmas red) which I picked up from the lovely girls at Style Emporium - one of my very very fave shops =)

I love making cakes! =)



  1. Fabulous cake, I recognised it immediately!!!! Nice red too.

  2. !!!!!

    Great cake.

    And Style Emporium is tops for all sorts of stuff!

  3. Well done. I love it. And yeah style emporium - wow factor place. I keep missing out on the cupcake place next door though. I think you reviewed it one ? I've Mondays off and they aren't open then. Must try again.

  4. Your cake(s) are precious!! Great job! Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog!


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