Sunday, November 15, 2009


I'm pretty much finished with my pockety skirt - all but the hemming - and look!

Too big!! =(

Usually it wouldn't matter - i would just wear it a bit lower on my hips instead of waist, but if it looks odd if the pockets sit too low.
Plus, it is big enough to take off without unzipping!

So, what to do?
I think I'll try to take it in a bit at the sides - but I'm worried about losing the pockets if I take too much that way.
If that doesn't work I might try to take some off the back at each side, and make the front smaller by adding another pleat at the middle of the front.

What a pain! =(

But, still, I'm totally keen to give it another try - and I'll definitely be cutting the smaller size this time!



  1. It depends on how the pattern is constructed, but i often find I need to use different sized pieces for different bits of me. The patterns tend to assume, for example, if you have a DD bust size then you must have massive shoulders and no waist. It looks like the pattern allowed for your hip size but assumed your waist was much thicker (because in fashion-land, people don't go in and out).
    Can you unpick the waist-band and cut it to a size that is more waist-appropriate, then reattached, taking a little more fabric in at each pleat?
    just a thought.
    I've been here :p

  2. So frustrating, especially when you'd made a muslin and everything! Linen can be such a pain though.

    Penny's right - I'd re-make the waistband/yoke and then re-pleat the skirt section to make bigger pleats. Alterntaively you could put in a centre seam and take the bulk of the skirt in. You don't want to mess with those lovely pockets!

    Let me know if you want me to come over with my quick unpick! I'm the fastest unpicker in the north!

  3. PS Are you sure you haven't lost weight?!?!?

  4. blem with my lined Amy Butler skirt - I made it and no I stand up and the skirt doesn't. Sigh

    But I think I can be creative with a big new seam each side and a pair of scissors. Next week. Maybe.

  5. What a pain! Unfortunately I can't offer any help, just my condolences.

  6. I have a question for you---is this an easy-ish pattern? I am completely new to sewing/crafting and have given myself a shopping ban until May (my last semester of law school). I was thinking of maybe allowing myself to make clothes if I want them, but of course difficulty of project and sheer lack of skills plays a huge role in that.


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