Monday, November 16, 2009

top choc!

It has been hot here! Hot hot hot!
And with the sizzling weather coinciding with the launch of a bunch of new channels on the tele chez kuka, I just couldn't resist trying to recreate the classic cinema treat - the choctop! =)

I wasn't sure it could be done, but I think these babies worked out pretty well... here's how: =)

First I scooped some nice round scoops of ice cream (mmm cookie n cream!) onto the flat-bottomed cones, and popped them into sandwich bags and back into the freezer to harden up. (this ice cream didn't freeze as hard as I would like - next time I'll try choose something that freezes really hard)
I managed to get mine to stand up inside a lunchbox in the freezer so they'd stay nice and round and pretty =)

After a few hours I pulled them out of the freezer spooned cooled melted chocolate over the top and added a chocolate button. I might try adding a leetle bit of butter to the chocolate to make it runnier (see, it's a bit lumpy bumpy).Then back into the freezer!

and...enjoy! =)

Can't wait to make a few batches of these with my homemade ice cream!



  1. MMM yes nearly ice-cream making time. Shall we hold a freeze off?

  2. Mmmmyum! I'm loving the Style Network and Lifestyle You already. Just what I need.

  3. Oh yum! Could do with one of your choc tops right now! So hot!

  4. Do not tempt me with choc tops I can't have!!! What a great idea. And is that L&O Tilty Headed man????


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