Monday, December 28, 2009

12 snaps of Christmas


I hope everyone had a lovely, safe, happy, hyggelig Christmas full of love and lollies! We sure did!

I wanted to share a little peek into our Christmas day, and the week or so leading up to it, so here are some of my favourite pics. There may be some more info on some bits and pieces - like newly discovered best recipes and presenty ideas - forthcoming, but given my lack of blogginess through December I don't want to promise anything!

Click on the photo titles above to go to flickr for a better look at any of these!



  1. Sounds like you had 12 days of wonderful - perhaps you can consult for me next year?

  2. That squirrel looks WAY too scary with his nut(s).

    Welcome back!

  3. Oh what a lovely Christmas collage of your fun holiday!!!

  4. What do you mean you can't take a photo! These look great.


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