Sunday, January 03, 2010


After 2 lovely relaxing weeks, tomorrow it's Back to Work =(

We spent the past week here at home, hardly leaving the house - and it has been so nice to sleep late, drink LOTS of coffee, and muck around with crafty bits like yarn and felt!

Of course, holiday time always flies by too fast, and there are always a thousand more things I would like to have done during my time off - so tomorrow I'd rather be at home finishing my knitting!

Best of luck if you're headed back to work tomorrow too!



  1. Good luck getting back to work tomorrow. Sorry to say, I'm ready for you all to go... so I can get back to normal around the house and play with some sorry to say that to you....chuckle-chuckle...

  2. Hope today wasn't too awful. At least going to work makes you appreciate weekends more!

  3. Yikes - it was hard to get back to work today! I wanted more "at-home" time!

    Happy New Year and good luck adjusting back to "regular life"! :D


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