Sunday, January 24, 2010

cookies and cream(cheese)

eeep! Where does the week go?!
For me, the past seven days have (literally) melted away with exceptionally busy days at work followed by warm evenings filled with this, this (from the comfort of my own couch, I mean), this and some of this too!

But believe me, although I'm behind on the blogging, I am absolutely not behind on the cooking! In fact, there has been so much cooking going on that you might start to think this is a food blog - so if you are really not interested in what's going on in my kitchen look away now!

I have some more meals/recipes from quick smart cook to show, and some other tasty goodies too.

Like this delicious cookies and cream cheesecake slice. I cut the recipe out of a supermarket catalogue before Christmas, and have just been waiting for the perfect excuse to make it, so when we were having guests for a long lazy late lunch today it was too good an opportunity to pass up.

OooH, AND it also gave me an excuse to use one of my very most favourite Christmas presents - my new Kenwood food processor (that's Woody to you!)

This was a super easy and very delicious recipe (it's available here, FYI).
However, I do have one beef about it. The recipe - which has been released by the company who make both the cream cheese and cookies in question - uses just a bit more than one packet of each (but not quite two). I think that it's really uncool for companies to size the recipe to make people buy extra of their ingredients, and will re-scale the recipe for one packet of cheese next time in protest (that'll teach them ;o))


ps. See that new button there, on the left at the top? One click will transport you right to the Craft Hope for Haiti etsy shop, where anything you buy has been donated and all proceeds will go to Doctors Without Borders in Haiti! I've been eyeing the Allsorts pretty maids patterns for a while now, this Haitian girl is too good to pass up, especially for such a good cause! Check it out! =) xo


  1. Woody! Woody! You didn't do it did you?

    Love the look of the slice! Glad you're sticking it to them by changing the recipe.

  2. That looks absolutely delish ;-)
    Woody looks pretty darn good too!

  3. Oh that looks delicious and the peaches too. Yum!! That is very commercial and grasping of the recipe writers, I would make it fit just one packet too. Woody s very stylish!!

  4. Yeah go Kuka - you sort them out! Nice slice BTW...


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