Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lamb with red curry sauce and thai basil

Recipe number four from quick smart cook, and it was unanimously declared that we had saved the best for last with the recipe for lamb with red curry sauce and thai basil.

Another recipe true to the book's title - quick!
The sauce is simmered up from coconut milk and curry paste whilst the lamb (backstrap) and then beansprouts, eschallots and chilli are pan-fried.
Then the lamb is sliced and served on top of steamed rice, bean spouts piled on top and sauce spooned over.

We changed up a couple of ingredients in this one - brown sugar for palm sugar, lime zest for lime leaves and these big sweet spring onions for red eschallots.

Oh, and we omitted the thai basil altogether - I forgot to pick some up when we were near the asian grocers, and they don't have it at our local supermarket. I thought maybe we could have added something a bit aniseed-y to make up for it a bit, a few thin slices of fennel with the spring onion, or some star anise, but we didn't have anything like that at all.

Also, I added some steamed greens - snow peas, broccoli and bok choy - to fill it out a bit, since we used a bit less lamb than called for (backstrap is expensive!)

Did I mention it was delicious?
And the left-over sauce we had with beef and rice the following evening. YUM.


The hardest thing about cooking from Delicious - quick smart cook this month, was narrowing it down to 4 recipes, so you can expect to see some more popping up around here for a while!
I counted at least 25 other recipes I would like to try, and that's not including fish/seafood, desserts, or things that I thought were a bit adventurous (for me) for a work night (like duck, which I've never cooked at home before).

Some of the recipes that are on my list to make soon include:
- vietnamese chicken salad
- strawberry & brie sandwiches (!!)
- eye fillet with raspberry sauce
- olive-crusted lamb racks with chickpea salad

And now, another difficult decision - which book to cook next?


this month I'm cooking from Delicious - quick smart cook


  1. You mention the words lamb and curry in the same sentence, and I'm so there!

    Weekday meals are a drama for us too - and with the heat, putting the oven on, or sometimes even the BBQ, is too much of a hassle. one of my aims this year is to sort that issue out.

  2. That looks delish - Can't wait to see what book you choose for Feb!


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