Monday, January 25, 2010

something for me

A couple of weeks ago, Bec posted about the 12 month challenge running through 2010 over at My Favourite.

I think following the monthy theme of the challenge will be a great way to help focus on actually getting some sewing done (without a deadline I just find that any potential sewing time passes me by), as well as stepping outside my sewing comfort zone (like in April, when the challenge is to sew something with lining). This month the challenge is to sew something for yourself, and you can see on the blog (and in the flickr group) that some participants have started linking to their finished projects.

Mine is coming along, but I'm telling you - I am positive I would sew a lot more if the cutting out didn't take soooo freaking long!
I mean, this pattern has about 7 pieces. I was planning on cutting it out before dinner, then getting the sewing pretty much over with tonight, but by 10pm I was only just finished with the cutting.

I don't think it helps either that I'm really not very good at the cutting bit - I always have my fabric right-sides out, and mark the right sides, and both my scissors and rotary cutter need some love (well, blade sharpening/ replacement, at least). Oooh, and I can never decide whether to make little notches into the seam allowance or lumps on the outside of the seam allowance where those little triangles are?

Ugh. Anyway, since I've got the scissors going I'm thinking about cutting another dress I'd like to make , then I'll have 2 all cut out and ready to go. And it only has 5 pieces - how long could it possibly take?



  1. I always feel like the actual sewing is the reward for all that tedious cutting! Not to mention, cutting still makes me anxious. There's no simple fix, like frogging in knitting, if you mess up on the cutting!

    (fwiw, I always make "bumps." I worry that the notches will weaken the seam line at that spot.)

  2. I used to hate cutting out until I got one of these
    And now I cut out on this on my dining table and usually do two or three garments at once! So much easier.

    I do bumps, not notches. The notches are cut into your pattern pieces, but cut opposite on your fabric. I always mark on the wrong side of fabric too - I use a pin and a sewline pencil and never have a problem - usually because darts and pleats are constructed on the wrong side of the fabric, and seam dots for sleves are seen on the wrong side as you pin and sew.

    Hope that makes sense. Get your scissors sharpened, or a good pair of fiskars ergoonimic scissors, and you'll be cooking with gas!!

    PS Love that fabric!!

  3. Ooh I love that fabric!! I agree wholeheartedly about the cutting. The pattern cutting board sounds like a great gadget! I can't wait to see the finished item.

  4. I'm a bumps girl as well probably cause I'm of the fussy nervous types but I've read in many sewing "how to do it faster books" that notches are faster. Hmm. I want to be both. I like Michelle's cutting board/mat thingo. Might need to get me one of those. If I ever make anything for myself!


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