Friday, January 29, 2010

tomato couscous & salami salad

You know, if there is one thing I can never find in the supermarket it's the couscous (seriously - does it live near the rice? or the pasta? or the other cereals? Actually, speaking of the other cereals, I can never find the polenta either - do they hang out together?).

In any case, not being able to find the couscous is the reason that so much of the month passed before we got around to trying out the quick smart cook's recipe for tomato couscous & salami salad.

I really liked how the recipe uses tomato juice as the 'soaking' liquid for the couscous, to get lots of tomato-ey flavour right in there.
Plus, it features our current favourite cheesey goodness - bocconcini.


But, yep - this one has a but - but I wasn't super impressed.
It was ok - but not as good as it looked in the pictures. I was underwhelmed. Of course, I think the main problem was that it was under seasoned - which was my fault, not the recipe.

I'm pretty keen to make this again, but with a few changes - I really like the flavour from the tomato juice, but would adding some seasoning at this stage, and maybe sub out the salami for some chorizo (mmm chorizo). Ooh, and some extra crunch with some chilli sunflower seeds
mmmm - just the thing for my lunch box, I think! =)


this month I'm cooking from Delicious - quick smart cook


  1. at the place where you and I both shop I've always found couscous in the same aisle as pasta. It's made of the same stuff! And polenta is where the oats and other grains are kept!

  2. mmm - the locals are the only shops where i can find it! i've been doing some groceries at lunch time, and can't find it in either of the two BIG supermarkets

  3. I know what you mean about location - just with my 3 local IGAs I swear there is conspiracy on how to hide the liquid stock, the polenta and the instant yeast from me. I have found polenta in the health food aisle before too, with the blanched almonds and the popping corn (!!!!)

    Your dish looks great! Do they get you to fry the salami up first?

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