Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Dear weather,
You know, I do my best not to complain about you. I mean, it gets hot in summer. January is summer, and its hot. Duh.
Like today, when it was 39C, I didn't complain. Instead, I had icecream for lunch.

But now? It is 10:55pm, and my friends at the bom are telling me it is still 32.2C outside.

That is seriously uncool



  1. We are loven' your heat. When you are freeeeezin' in 0 degrees, it's nice to hear about those who are sweating in their heat....NOT.. LOL

  2. I agree wholeheartedly. The heat is stuffing up my kids sleep habits and thus ours. grrr

  3. terribly uncool. Well said.

    I just went for a morning walk and it was 28 deg at 6am!

  4. The pool has been like a warm murky bath every morning. I need to have a cold shower afterwards to cool off. Seriously uncool.

    I brought a brolly to work today. Hoping for rain!

  5. I have been living on fruit, water and mango ice cream also. I so hope it rains today - this heat is very uncool!


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