Tuesday, January 26, 2010

vegetarian chilli in avocado

We're mad for 'mexican' food here - at least once a week we have chilli, fajitas, burritos or tacos.
I have made vegetarian chilli before, just with kidney beans (its such a perfect recipe for cooking from the pantry!), but I have to admit I don't think I have ever cooked anything with lentils before.

In fact, mention lentils and this is what comes to mind:

So, when himself suggested we make vegetarian chilli in avocado - which is very much lentil based - for dinner, I was a teeny bit sceptical. In fact, I even considered substituting out the lentils for extra beans, but decided that wasn't really in the spirit of a challenge, and it's good to try new things.

Now I wish I had remembered that when my neighbour was at my front door with the freshest loveliest looking trout you would ever meet. No, we don't usually eat trout, but by gosh we should have given it a shot!

Unlike the chicken involtini, this recipe had almost zero preparation required - kidney beans, three bean mix and lentils all from tins

Tinned tomatoes too - only the onions and garlic needed chopping. Then everything was simmered up in a pan, and that's it.

This is for sure the kind of recipe I can see us keeping stocked up on the ingredients (perhaps even frozen onions), coming home and putting it straight on, then by the time you've poured yourself a wee glass of vino, it's ready.
See? Taa-daa!

We did have one teeny substitute - it has been impossible to get one's hands on a decent avocado around these parts lately, so much so that a few days earlier we had settled for a jar of guacamole in lieu of real avocado. So we used up the left over guacamole instead of going out on another avocado hunt.
I'm pretty sure it would be much better with a real avocado, but the guacamole did in a pinch.

Plus, I do love a recipe that legitimises corn chips as part of a main meal! =)


this month I'm cooking from Delicious - quick smart cook


  1. So glad you're discovering the joys of lentils (i always think of Neil too). We willingly eat lentils (there are so many kinds!) several times a week and love them. Even having a yellow lentil salad for lunch today!

  2. Cornflakes, cornflakes, cornflakes,
    cornflakes, cornflakes, cornflakes,
    cornflakes,cornflakes,cornflakes.... cornflakes!!
    Thank you for the The Young Ones clip!!
    I like your cooking, and I like lentils too, I came to like them last year. Avocados are almost $4 each here as well.

  3. Yum yum yum. Lentils and avocado are two of the main reasons I love vegetarian food so much!

  4. I used to be scared of lentils too (yes, as a vegetarian!). then I got over it and came to love them. They are so much juicier than other legumes like chick peas and split peas. I have been working on the lentil fritters lately. Not perfected yet.


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