Monday, February 22, 2010

Catching up

Gosh, when I was looking back through my blog archive for some links for yesterday's post I realised that I have been rather a bad blogger - showing the start of things, then not following up with the result (which, less face, is really the interesting part!)

For example, it seems I never got around to showing you what became of this:


(please excuse the crappy photo - this was in December and as I recall it was far to hot to leave the dappled shade of our garden room in search of better, more even lighting!)

The pattern is Boheme, which is available for free from here, and the yarn Bendigo Woolen Mills Cotton 8ply.

This was a lovely quick knit - the lace pattern is only repeated about 2 and a half times, so it stays interesting, and before you know it you're done.
The knitting only took a couple of days, and there is absolutely no seaming to be done, but some how it still took me a month (or so) to get around to adding the buttons (which are just from the sewing section at Big W).

I noticed today looking at the Ravelry entry for Boheme that the pattern is currently being reworked to include additional sizes, which is nice since I'd like to knit this up in about an 18 month next.



  1. Oh it's lovely, such a sweet dress!!!

  2. It turned out great and I love the buttons. I have twisted myself up in knots trying to get buttons that work for a project 'just so'.

  3. Very pretty :) I'm knitting one of these right now myself - but Bendigo wool, not cotton!


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