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You know, I love to prepare food around a theme.
Actually, when I lived with a friend who was equally enamoured of food and cooking we used to have fairly regular culinary theme nights - just because we could =)

So in January, with the Winter Olympics looming, I started researching suitable recipes for dinner on Opening Ceremony day.

My very favourite way to search the Internet for recipes is using Google blogs - I like to see people's results, and hear about their experiences with a recipe, instead of just a list of ingredients - and in my travels I found this excellent list of Canadian food blogs (I've added the link there on the left-hand sidebar).

A few of my favourites (so far) from this list are eat me, delicious, Closet Cooking, Cookin' Canuck and the Domestic Goddess.
Actually, it was at the Domestic Goddess blog that I found the recipe I eventually choose to make last night - maple mustard moose wings

At first I wasn't super keen to go with a maple syrup-y recipe - it seemed a bit obvious, and I wanted to find something less cliched. But as I clicked from blog to blog it became more and more apparent that, like in Australia, the beauty of Canadian Cuisine is in it's diversity - the food landscape is so multicultural that 'Canadian' food means something different to everyone.

So, cliched it was. Cliched and delicious! =)

I roasted my 'wings' - I think they would have cooked up a bit better on the bbq, but alas the weather was somewhat less than bbq friendly (I'm willing to forgive it on the grounds that my garden already looks about 10,000 times better than it did on Thursday, before the rain!). We served up the sticky sweet lovely drumsticks And with a big fat salad full of (homegrown!) cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, peach and maple candied walnuts (recipe for the nuts and dressing from the Closet Cooking)

I have a couple more 'Canadian' recipes up my sleeve for the next two weeks or so, and am absolutely open to any suggestions! =)



  1. That's a great looking salad with lots of tasty ingredients!

    Since you are using homegrown tomatoes, would you like to enter this post in our Grow Your Own roundup this month? Full Details at


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