Saturday, February 06, 2010

CSIRO total wellbeing diet

Last month a friend and I went along to try out a couple of zumba classes, with Salsabor's holiday program.

We had such a good time and, since I've been thinking a bit lately about getting back to the gym, when I heard the local gym runs zumba classes I finally got organised and signed up.

So, when I was picking a book to cook this month I decided to go with the healthy theme and take the challenge to try out a few more recipes from the CSIRO total wellbeing diet books 1&2".

I have had these books for a while now, and there are a couple of recipes in there that we cook from time to time, like the delicious sang choy bow from book 1.

Whilst the books provide a diet plan, and are intended to assist in weight loss/maintenance, I have only ever been interested in them for the fresh, healthy and tasty recipes they offer - although I do know people have who succeeded in losing weight following their plan.

Now to narrow down the recipes - if you have a favourite recipe from these books that you'd recommend let me know! =)


this month I'm cooking from the CSIRO total wellbeing diet books 1&2


  1. I have heard a lot about zumba classes lately and they sound like a lot of fun.

  2. These books helped me lose weight, all the protein and veg is awesome. Also good for a gluten-free approach, very easy to adjust recipes.
    I love the corn fritter recipe on p122 of book 2 and the tomato-y fish stew with fennel in on p147. Both so tasty!

  3. My cousin told me i must buy this book as soon as possible, because she said i can't get the stock if i wont buy it soon. Is this book limited edition? umm, i am still doubt. But i want this book. You make me more curious with this book Kuka! :-D


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