Saturday, February 13, 2010

Opening Ceremony

It was perfect weather here today to enjoy the Winter Olympics opening ceremony - it started raining last night, and there have only been brief breaks since then

And enjoy we did...

... with a tall stack of fluffy pancakes, topped with crispy bacon and doused with maple syrup...


of course, this weather is less than perfect for a late afternoon game of footy, so as much as I am enjoying it something drier and sunnier would be more than welcome tomorrow - at least from 4-ish!


  1. that is a big, lovely stack of pancakes. i love to eat pancakes, but not to make them. mine always look misshapen and all wrong. but i suppose it's the taste that counts.

  2. oh, that couldn't be any more perfect.

  3. How tall is that stack? We love CAMP Maple Syrup too, but not the price - it's as cheap as chips in Canada!


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