Another little catch up post, this time it's baking.

A few weeks ago I made this Outrageous Oreo Crunch Brownie, from the Eat Me, Delicious blog.

To be honest, the reason I didn't post it at the time was probably that I wasn't really super impressed with the results.
The pan I used was the size specified in the recipe, but in hindsight I think I would have been better off using a slightly smaller on, as these turned out not quite as deep as I would have liked.

I wasn't quite sure about the cooking time either - I pulled them out at the suggested time, but they seemed far too soft, to bag in they went, and I think in the end they were probably a bit overcooked, and dry.
Heating for a few seconds in the microwave, and plonking some icecream on top definately improved them =)

Although it was probably my fault, rather than the fault of the recipe, that these didn't quite turn out as exquisite as I hoped, I'm not sure whether I'll try them again - especially since I think the easy cheesey brownie recipe is about as near to perfection as you'll get.

That said, there are certainly a couple of other recipes on Eat Me, Delicious that I'd like to try - like the snickerdoodle blondies and these choc mint cookies.



  1. Heating and icecreaming ALWAYS makes things taste better, in my opinion.


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