Sunday, March 14, 2010

almost finished!

Another weekend nearly finished, and tonight the plan is to knock of a couple of other things I've got going on that as so very almost finished.

Like this:
(just one repeat to go!)

And this:
(a few more episodes and I'm through season 2!)

Plus the last of a batch of these, and of course this!

I think I'll start with the brownies...



  1. I can't believ this weekend is almost over. Feels like I haven't even had the chance to relax!!

    Lovely red cardi. So pretty!

  2. Oh Gilmore Girls. I love that show. I still haven't watched the last episode of all.

  3. I love that top. So cute. I also love Gilmore Girls. I was so sad to see it end. The last episode was a tear jerker for me and it wasn't great til the end.


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