Tuesday, March 09, 2010

half baked

yes yes, I had planned to be sewing tonight, but I had a sudden, irresistible urge to bake some chocolate chip muffins

One of my favourite jobs when I'm baking cupcakes or muffins is lining the tin, making pretty patterns with the little coloured papers - I find it really quite meditative - and with my new mini muffin tin I get twice as many!

Now, post bake, I'm coomfy on the couch with a warm muffin and a cup of tea, watching season one of Project Runway Australia (I'm in training for the start of season 6 from the US!) and knitting - so very almost finished!

Delicious =)


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  1. oh my goodness i do exactly the same thing!! and i get all pedantic and can't have the same colours in one row and i also try to not have them next to each other in the column either. glad i'm not the only one, and it all looks so pretty once it's been done :)


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