Thursday, March 04, 2010

My creative space 2010:4!

I love the planning stage of a project - picking a pattern and finding just the right fabric to go with it!
This week I'm playing mix and match with fabrics and patterns to sew up for my Big Girls Blouse Month challenge!

Also kicking about in my creative space this week is some knitting - a new project I cast on over the weekend...

it was just the thing for in front of the the (very exciting) hockey on Monday morning!

As always, there's plenty more creativity to be seen over at Kootoyoo!



  1. I love the daisies too. They all look like great patterns. have fun.

  2. Lovely fabrics and colours there :)

  3. Knitting is the perfect activity for television watching. With embroidery I find myself barely looking at the TV, but with knitting, I can do *both* equally well. :)


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