Friday, April 23, 2010

death by cuteness

Originally uploaded by sasha_afisha

I came across this adorable pic on flickr today, and just couldn't resist sharing!

It's my birthday on Sunday and a long weekend this week, and I am so pleased to be home, in a tidy house with three days stretching ahead!

Happy kittens and a good weekend to everyone! =)



  1. They're cute but they're making me sneeze just looking at them!!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend and birthday! I too am looking forward to three luxurious long days ahead of me. I need them. Can't wait.

  2. Happy birthday!! I hope you're enjoying it. Great idea having a long weekend for your birthday (I would call it the "festival of me" and stretch it out)

  3. Oh, so cute. I want them all!!

  4. Happy Birthday! I'm a day late - sorry, but I hope you had a very fabulous day.


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