Sunday, April 11, 2010

Melbourne - cupcakes

With a whole day in the city, I just couldn't resist a visit to a cupcake establishment... or two..

We had morning tea at the cupcake bakery, in Melbourne Central

and afternoon tea at little cupcakes in Degraves St

They're little, so four between us wasn't really so many ;o)

And, while you might expect we were all cupcaked out after that...

...we did manage to sneak in a few takeaways for at the footy =)
well, those other ones were little!



  1. Oh cupcakes!! Lucky ducks. We don't have a cupcake shop here, though there's one in the South of the island. It all looks so very civilised and elegant!!

  2. OMG - isn't the red velvet at Little Cupcakes the BEST?? Cupcakes at the footy is a great idea They should do them in team colours!

  3. OMG, you've got me craving thick buttery icing now :) They all look delish!


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