Sunday, April 18, 2010

spotty dress

Thanks for the lovely comments on my new spotty dress!
The pattern is Simplicity 2886 (the view in green and white, obviously ;o)), and the fabric is cotton I picked up at Lincraft.

I actually sewed it up a couple of weeks ago now, to wear to my cousin's wedding - the deadline behind the sewing marathon. I managed to get all the sewing done in one evening, except for the hem (finished with (ready made) bias-binding) and the zipper (invisible zipper in the side), which I did the following evening - between coming home from work and heading to the airport!

it was chilly cardigan weather at the wedding, so this is me today after a lovely afternoon with the Brown Owls girls

I have to say, I am really happy with it - I think it turned out better in fit and in finish than anything else I have made.
And, really that should be no surprise, since I was much more careful to do everything just right than I have been in my sewing before:
- I used my upper-bust measurement to select a size and then did a full bust adjustment (yes, it is only mid-April, and here's my first 'big girl's blouse' garment! But I swear I did sew it in March ;o)!!) - I'd like to tell you more about how I did the FBA in another post
- I did a tissue fitting (following Gertie's excellent video tutorial as a guide)
- I cut a bigger size from the hip down, and curved out the difference from the waist
- And not only is there interfacing where the pattern calls for interfacing, but I also lined the bodice as recommended! =)

I am always really interested to see where people have taken inspiration for the garments or outfits they have sewn - for me in this case I think it came from this outfit which I loved on Jennifer Garner in the movie Valentine's Day

It doesn't exactly look a lot like it - but the red/navy/white colours are there, and the lovely polka dots.
In fact I like this outfit so much that since seeing the film I have been planning to sew up a navy skirt, and have been on the lookout for a spotty cardi to match it more directly :o))

Hope you had a lovely weekend - don't they just go by far too quickly?!



  1. Oh dude! It looks fabulous, and it looks even better in real life! You were a very fashionable little Brown Owl this afternoon!

    I too loved JG's outfit in V Day. So simple, yet so much style. Hope you can find your spotty cardi!

  2. Its absolutely lovely! You can definitely see that the amount of time that you put into getting the fit right was very worthwhile.

  3. Your dress is wondrous!! All the fitting and adjustment was well worth the effort. (It could only have been improved by having Green polka dots!!) I love the idea of the inspiration too.

  4. Thanks for posting the pattern number. I am off to find it tomorrow. I love the dress! I'll try to find different fabric as I love the spots but don't want to bump into you in matching dresses :-)

  5. Lovely! It looks fantastic on you!

  6. You did a great job - the dress looks lovely on you.


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