Sunday, May 02, 2010

Gleek out!

Yes, I'm finally on that bandwagon ;o)

I had heard lots of good things about Glee, and especially about the wardrobe - proclamations of love for Emma Pillsbury have been popping up all over sewing and fashion blogs, and I've been stopping by the What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear (WWEPW) blog regularly for a while. If you look too closely, WWEPW is full of spoilers - if you're sensitive to that sort of thing proceed with caution!

From what I had read I was pretty sure Glee would be my kind of show, but I just kept missing it on the tv. I was very tempted when the dvds came out, but the very last straw was when a friend sent me this clip...

Aaah Kurt! You're fabulous.

So, I got my hands on the dvds last weekend for my birthday, and we've been Gleeking out ever since! =)

As unoriginal as I am, you can probably expect to see some Glee inspired sewing around these parts soon ;o)


  1. I watched the first two or three episodes and then it just kind of sat on the DVR. I must watch it ASAP!!!

  2. Thanks for reading! Are you in the UK?

  3. Oh dude! Top 10 quotes from last week's episode!!

    And lots more gleeky stuff too!

    (I'm glad you got into it. Now we have something to talk about besides, you know, invisible zippers, my cat allergies and Project Runway).



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