Monday, May 17, 2010

itch to knit

I can't tell you whether it was too many wooly fumes at the OBDM on the weekend, or the promise of a chilly January calling my name, but after something of a hiatus I'm starting to feel the itch to knit again.

I'm thinking a little triangley kind of shawl - I haven't knit one before and it is definitely that sort of weather here in the mornings at the moment.

And I do have some gorgeous stash just begging to be something lacey, like that malabrigo up there... and this Lucca:

Now just to decide on a pattern... I saw a gorgeous Swallowtail on the weekend (oooh and look at all these!!), then there's the 198 yds of heaven and traveling woman..

So many choices!
Any fave little shawly recommendations?



  1. I only have crocheted ones to recommend. Flying Diamonds, Armorique, South Bay ...

    Can I come with you in January?

  2. I'm feeling the urge too - and yesterday favourited Laminaria, 198 yards of heaven, Barb's koigu ruffle and cedar leaf shawlette. I have to finish my shetland triangle first though,,,

  3. Love them all!
    If you decide on 198 yards or travelling woman I'd be up for a KAL. Maybe we can CO on Saturday??


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