Thursday, May 06, 2010

My Creative Space :: 060510

Honestly, I had something sewy to show in my creative space today - a simple black gored skirt I'm sewing up to wear for work.
I'm using french seams for a tidy (and fray-proof) finish on the inside, and was trimming the seam allowances in front of the tv a few nights ago - but tonight I just can't find it anywhere!

Instead, its a creative kitchen space, and the fruits of tonight's ovening - our delish cottage pie dinner, and some cupcakes (!!) I baked to take into work tomorrow (in celebration of my oven being fixed!)

I thought maybe those sprinkles were a bit crazy bright, but now seeing the pics I think they look kind of like celebratory fireworks! =)

Check out this week's creative spaces at Kirsty's, and hopefully by next week my skirt will be back! (maybe even finished!!)



  1. Thank goodness there is someone else who loses things like that. It makes me feel a bit better, so thank you!!
    Nothing better than a cupcake and yours look firecrackery and yummy!!

  2. Dude, the last time I did french seams I almost garotted myself with my tape measure. On purpose. And then didn't sew for a year until my therapist brought me back from the brink.

    Just saying.

    I hope you're OK.

    Also: Somewhere in the English countryside in a stately manor home, Madonna is weeping.

  3. Yum, those cupcakes look deliciously festive! As it happens, our oven has broken and we're waiting to get it fixed. Hopefully I'll be able to bake something celebratory soon too. ;)

    Hope you find your skirt!

  4. oh no, hope you find your skirt soon. Those cupcakes look really yummy too :)


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