Wednesday, June 02, 2010

more pinafores

It turned out Snap! was apt title for my post on the little reversible dress I sewed up last week - I learned through Curly Pops and Gypsy that Spotlight Bayswater are collecting reversible pinafores (and shorts for the boys) for Dago Dela Hera Orphanage in Kenya.

This weekend's lovely rainy weather was perfect for spending some time at the sewing machine, so I made this pair of reversible pinnies (from stash fabric and this free pattern!) to send along =)

Please excuse the teeny tiny pictures - blogger is being all topsy turvy with my pics again. You can see get a closer look at the pics on my flickr page though.

I think my favourite is the yellow with pink caterpillars (although the strawberries are pretty cute...)

If you'd like to find out more about the drive, check out Gypsy's blog, here and here. =)


  1. They are just so cute and what good deeds you are doing!!

  2. Noice - I'm liking the catepillars too.

  3. How sweet are the caterpillars with the red gingham! Two little girls are going to be extremely chuffed with those gorgeous pinnies.

  4. Now I'm going to want a pinny!! They look so good - clever chook!


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