Wednesday, July 21, 2010

books books books

I love books - ever since I could read it has been one of my very favourite things to do. When we were kids we would go to bed early because it meant mum would let us keep the light on and read for a half hour or so. At highschool I always had a novel with me - for the school bus or the playground or a warm corner of the library in the winter.

As an adult I have increasing found it is something that I 'don't have time for' - especially now I don't catch a bus to and from work. Ofcourse, the case is really more that I simply don't seem to be able to get it together to make time for.

To help get back into the habit of making the time, I'm bringing back the early bedtime = reading time rule

I'm starting with this one:

Jane Austen's Emma (my lovely Penguin clothbound classic edition.)

I've got a little note up in the top lefthand corner there of what I'm reading - I'll try to keep it up-to-date, in case you're interested, and I'd love any recommendations if you've read something totally ace recently =)


  1. Ooh! Good one Bron! I am looking forward to any good tips you have. I'm struggling to find good books at the moment. Am currently reading some knitting novel set in Victoria but I'm finding it a bit crapalicious.

  2. yay! I love talking books. I have a librarything widget on my blog. I gave up on using it to actually catalogue books I own, I just add everything I read in order (whether I own or borrow them), solely to generate this widget. Emma is a great read, classic! I am keen to read Little Dorrit soon after just watching the series.

  3. What a lovely book and gorgeous cover!! On e of my favourite books is Vanity Fair. I wore one out!!!

  4. Definitely can be a challenge to make the time (well, I really have no such excuse...). I do use my 2 free lunchtimes each week to read light stuff (currently Buffy/Angel books) and use your technique of an early bedtime for some extra reading time. Makes me feel slightly less brain-wasty than watching DVDs all the time ;)

  5. Since finishing uni I've been enjoying quite a few trashy reads but would love a good, meaty book to get my teeth into.


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