Tuesday, July 06, 2010


brrrr we've have some very wintry Canberra nights* the past few weeks!

Not great for my chilly nose and freezey toes, but perfect for a piping hot, fresh from the oven, lovely crunchy apple crumble and a cup of tea!

My current favourite recipe comes from Cookery the Australian Way, and combines roughly equal amounts of oats, self-raising flour, brown sugar, butter and coconut.

*Ok, I know what you're thinking! It's winter, it's cold right?! And how cold could it be in sunny Australia, anyway? My house, in the morning, 6 degrees! I'm breathing fog out over my muesli! COLD!


  1. Oh yum, there's nothing better than home made crumble!
    It must be something about this cold snap, because I made golden syrup dumplings for dessert.

  2. Yum!! I must make crumble in my new oven: how could I have missed the opportunity thus far?? That sounds a great all purpose recipe: no need to have different measurements!!
    At least people believe it's cold here, you mainlanders have to contend wit all the sunny hot beliefs. Though I think Hobart is one of the sunniest capitals?? We had fog till the afternoon here.

  3. Tell me about it - freezing!! Apple crumble - yum!! I had my leather jacket and scarf on in the house this evening till I went to bed....


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