Friday, July 30, 2010


Last weekend when thinking over what to take along for brown owls arvo tea, I decided to try out Donna Hay's polka dotty bikkies, from the current kids issue.

These were pretty delish - the recipe is kind of shortbready, sweet and crisp.

I don't know how Donna managed to get so many dots on each bikkie - I squeezed 3 onto each, although they spread enough that more would have fit on once cooked.

I was really surprised to see how the lollies changed colour in the oven - look how the bright blue ones turned a lovely robin's egg blue!

I think I'd like to try these again, using m&ms instead of smarties - just to see how they bake up. If you would like to try them too, the recipe is currently available for free on the website.

I have one more sweetie recipe from the mag to share with you over the weekend, and I might just have to have a go at something savoury too.


this month I'm cooking from Donna Hay Kids' Magazine


  1. I went out and bought the magazine!! It's full of lovely things!! Your bikkies look so yummy. Maybe Donna 'dressed' hers after they were cooked?? Stuck a few dots on with glue, or maybe all of them???!!!

  2. I think the mini M&Ms would be delish ;-) They look gorgeous though and I love the 'after' colour of those blue M&Ms - so pretty!


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