Saturday, July 17, 2010

polka dot pinny

I had a lovely afternoon at home today - casserole in the slow cooker, brownies in the oven, my footy team handing out a good old-fashioned shellacking, and me on the couch putting the finishing touches on the reversible pinafore from Thursday's post =)

Here is the finished product...



The plain red is cotton corduroy, and both spotty fabrics are cottons.
The little girl this one is for has tights in purple and that same blue from the fabric, and i think she is just going to look super cute =)

The pattern is Vivienne, which is available free on the Burda website - to make it reversible I just made the two separately up to sewing up the sides, then sewed them together around the arms, neck and straps, then turned it inside out and used a bias binding around the skirt.

I have fabric for one more of these ready to cute, as soon as I get the ok from little E's mum that the size is just right.

For now though, I have plans for a new work skirt for myself =)



  1. Who wouldn't love a two-in-one polka dot pinny??? It's gorgeous!

  2. What the Curly Poppy woman said! I think the pinny is just adorable.

    Work skirt! Good one! I need to make mine and wear it to one of the interviews next week, I think!


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