Saturday, August 28, 2010

al fresco

Hooray! We're back online! We have no idea what happened, but everything seems a-ok now... maybe we can chalk that one up to Mercury retrograde (which started last weekend!!) ;o)

This exciting development happened to coincide with a gorgeous break in the freezing weather we've had for the past week, so we took ourselves out to enjoy breakfast and our favourite weekend program in the garden room.

I've been sneaking a few sunny weekend morning hours for a couple of weeks now, but this was our first proper al fresco, get out the tablecloth and orange juice breakfast for the season, and it was just divine! =)

The kitties had a nice time too - they get quite excited to have us outside there with them, and all the better if there is a bird or two around ;o)

Jinxy was (literally) climbing the walls with the excitement =)


ps since we were on a roll with the computery stuff, I thought I'd have a little bloggy makeover. I might try a couple of different backgrounds in the next little while, but then again I do kind of love the polkadots! =o)


  1. The Polka Dots are very cool!! What nice al fresco meal. Not quite warm enough for that here yet!!
    Hi Kitty Cats!!!

  2. I'm loving your new blog look! Very nice!

    Jinxy cracks me up. But where's my favourite boy Tex/Max?


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