Sunday, August 08, 2010

In August I am reading.....

For me this month's reading will be all about John Marsden's Tomorrow series. (Goodness, it is hard to find a link that doesn't a plot summary!!)

These books originally came out one each year when I was at high school, and one in my first year out of school, so I would have been in the key target audience - and I absolutely loved them! (although, strangely enough, I can't remember whether I read the last one or not...)
In fact, I remember being so excited to read the 6th book that the school librarians let me take it home to read before it had even been processed into the library system! (I think they knew I'd have it back the following day ;o))

I had thought about re-reading the books a couple of times before, but when I saw last week that a movie had been made I was super excited to read at least the first one again before it comes out.

So I got stuck into Tomorrow When the War Began on Thursday night, and was quite excited to find I was enjoying it just as much as I did as a teenager - I had been a little nervous it would be one of those cases where something is not as good as you remember it having been, but on Friday night I found myself saying "Just one more chapter..." then reading 5 more before I could put it down.

This morning, sitting out in the sunshine with my kitties, I started on the second in the series - The Dead of the Night - and despite being out for most of the afternoon I've almost finished it too. With a bus trip to Sydney coming up later in the month I'm hoping to get through a couple more.

I think one of the things that really draws me in with these books is that they are so well written that I can relate to the characters, despite the extreme situations they are in - they could have been me, or any of my school friends. I'm sure it helps too that they are set in Australia.

Plus, its refreshing to be taken back to a time when 'teen fiction' meant something other than just stories about vampires... ;o)


Thanks for the nice comments of support and joining-in-ness on my last post!
I am so excited to hear more about everyone's literary adventures!

I put together a little button which you can grab if you'd like to pop it on your blog - however I would gladly take 'donations' of buttons from anyone else who is a little more technologically gifted than I am - or if you'd like a picture other than my "taken-in-poor-light, its-those-darn Penguin clothbounds again" shot there ;o) - so do share if you are so inclined! =)

Also, I have attempted a linky list below - please pop in the details of your booky post, so that we can come by and visit you!
This is the same one that Kirsty uses for the 'my creative space' lists, so I'm hoping it will go ok - but let me know if you have any troubles! =)
And if you don't have your own blog, but would like to join in too, do leave a comment and let us all know what you're up to!

Happy reading!



  1. Great idea! I am in my second year of study and uni so I have un-committed myself to book group. But I still love to read and miss discussing books (when I am not taking a lit class!)and miss my friends and our get togethers. This month I am reading Great Expectations.

  2. I shall try to remember!! I missed the Tomorrow series, somehow it slipped through unnoticed. I ahve tried to read it since, but I just can't get into it. Still, I know it is a worthy series!!!

  3. I don't tend to review anything I watch/read, making me a terrible candidate for book club participation. But I have adjusted my blog sidebar to display what I'm currently reading, rather than the random books it was showing. Does that count? :)

  4. Great idea Bron, I am keen to join in. After hearing you and Jodie talk about the Tomorrow books I have added them to my must read list.

  5. k. I'm in. Although these days I'm mostly listening to audiobooks on the way to work... I have been reading 'The Lacuna' by Barbara Kingsolver though and learning heaps about Trotsky, Mexico, Frida Kahlo and WWII.

  6. Hi there! Got to this through 2paw. I am already doing a Book Meme on my blog about various booky things but I will also start adding what I am reading right now. I love to read about other people's reading but the only time I joined a book club I was not a great success because I tended to have VERY DIFFERENT OPINIONS to the other members.


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