Sunday, August 15, 2010

sunny sunday (morning)

Although the weather turned a bit gloomy this afternoon, this morning was just perfect for my new favourite Sunday morning activity - before S gets up the kitties and I take a big cup of coffee and a book or two out to the garden room and enjoy the sunshine.

Whilst the sun was lovely, the temperatures are still a little nippy out there this time of year so a wrap is a must too. This reminds me a bit of the first summer I spent in Denmark - my host sister and I would lay out on the lounge chairs in our bikinis, each with a great big doona on the ground next to us because the second a cloud came across the sun it was too cold!
Today, however, Max seemed to think the wrap was there just to keep his tail off the cold glass table top!

And the view out into the garden is gorgeous at the moment - we have one of those early flowering apricots, which has been in full bloom for a little while now, although the wild windy weather has knocked a lot of the blossoms off this week.

At the bottom of the book pile there is the Canberra Gardener - we have a lovely fragrant daphne at the front of the house, and I'm thinking about popping one in to replace a (deceased) shrub at the back door - that sweet daphne smell coming through the garden room on a morning like today would be lovely.

The book on top is Paumes Patisseries a Paris, which came in the post from Lark this week, and is just divine - lots of sweet bakey (macaron-y) inspiration!


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  1. It was lovely first thing yesterday, but then it got SO COLD and WET! I went for a bike ride in the middle of it and it took me ages to warm up again!

    I'm glad you're enjoying your paumes books!


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