Monday, August 16, 2010

you say muffin, I say cupcake

I have to admit, for all the baking I do, I just never seem to be able to get muffins right. So, after trying a bunch of recipes for orange and poppyseed muffin, and being less than impressed with each , I decided to chuck it in and try out this orange & poppyseed cupcake recipe.

These babies are delicious - and, to be honest, I think they're more muffiny than cakey anyway! What's also satisfying is that the recipe calls for orange marmalade, so it's the perfect excuse to use the one I made a few weeks ago.

I'm trying to take my lunch to work more often so these are going in the freezer to pop in my lunchbox. there may be a few more lunchboxy recipes on the way too



  1. I am more cupcake than muffin, I always think muffins are made with oil and very few stirs!!

  2. I've heard that you can add a certain yellow-skinned ruit to muffins and they become more muffin-y, whatever that means. Sounds like a load of bollocks to me.

    I treated myself to a superb raspberry and white chocolate muffin at The Republic today and it was so yummy. No fruit in those other than raspberries!!


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