Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The weather has been super gloomy here - wet and temperatures in the low teens. It is a bit sad to feel like we're back in the winter after some gorgeous warm sunny days, but I have to admit this weather is perfect for baking!

I'm auditioning new recipes to add to my Christmas favourites - starting with white chocolate shortbread from the free Coles Christmas Magazine (on p46), to which I also added cranberries.

It turned out ok, but I'm not really sure...
To start with, I have yet to find a white chocolate that bakes nicely as chocolate chips/chunks in a slice/brownie/biscuit - generally I just find it either kind of burns or melts and either disappears or sinks to the bottom,like it did in this recipe. Also, I'm pretty particular about my shortbread - I like it buttery, just a bit salty and really melt-in-your-mouth short. This didn't quite make it - I think perhaps the melted white chocolate had something to do with it, and maybe my oven was just a bit too low to start off with.

My favourite thing about the recipe was that I used the food processor I got for Christmas last year - this was my first food processor shortbread, and it was brilliant to just throw everything in there and watch it turn from butter and flour to something that looked like dry sand and then suddenly turned into a big ball of soft dough.

I have a couple of other new recipes to try out (like the brownies in the same magazine), but will happily take suggestions!



  1. I agree, white chocolate doesn't bake as well, though I think it can be OK in biscuits. They look very pretty, and bonus marks for being processor-able.

  2. I do find that Nestle white choc chips works well in cookies, but the trouble with white chocolate is that it isn't chocolate and has a much lower melting/burning point. As I discovered when I once tried my usual chocolate melting method of bunging it in the microwave and discovering just how quickly white chocolate burns that way!!


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