Tuesday, November 09, 2010


This afternoon I popped outside to take some cupcakey pics to share (hurray for light in the evenings!), and (as usual) furry help wasn't far away! =)

I made the flowers from fondant - cherry blossoms for morning tea in honour of a colleague who has just returned from a holiday in Japan.

The cakes are my usual recipe, but I'm actually thinking about branching out in search of a recipe that will give me cupcakes with a more rounded/dome-y top - any recommendations?



  1. They cup cakes are beautiful, and the flowers are so sweet!!
    Does turning the temperature of the oven up a little help them be more domed??

  2. Does Jinxy need to join me on my 30 day sugar-free challenge? Hmmm?

    Love the cupcake. Except when I come back from Japan I'm going to expect similar...

    (When you come back from Germany I'll make you sauerkraut cupcakes. For real. Bet you can't wait!)

  3. Gorgeous! How on earth do you make fondant flowers?!

    Maybe try filling each case a little higher, that might help them pop up a bit more.


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