Monday, November 08, 2010

In November I am reading...

Probably not much, to be honest!!!
I have lots of crafty and almost even Christmassy things that I'd like to get into gear with this month, so reading will probably be pushed to the side a little.

What I am looking forward to reading though, as I've probably said a couple of times already, is the Millennium Trilogy.

The guy is reading the first one now, and really enjoying it - and if I don't get to them now I think they'll be perfect company on my pending trip to Europe =)


If you'd like to join our bloggy book club for November all you need to do is post on your blog about what your reading now, or what you're planning to get into next, and add your link below so we can pop around to visit!

If you don't have a blog we'd still love to hear from you - just leave a comment below! =)

Enjoy your reading!


  1. I really enjoyed the Millenium trilogy when I read them - the movies have been great so far too.

  2. I was next to a mum and a teenage boy buying the first book in the KMart today. Somehow I've missed the boat, I'll have to catch it up next year.

  3. I wonder which of us will get round to reading that Millennium Trilogy first!!


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