Sunday, November 14, 2010


Check out my strawberry patch!
(I meant to post these pics on Thursday, for 'my creative space' but I just don't know what has been happening to the days between Tuesday and Sunday lately!)

I have planted other bits and pieces of veg around the garden before, but these strawberries are growing better than any thing else so far.
I put half a dozen plants or so in the same spot last year and got nothing - the only plant that survived the summer didn't make any fruit at all, and I lost all the others in the heat before their fruit ripened.

Although the garden here was lovely when we moved in, I've found it difficult to get anything new growing at all - the soil is pretty shocking (pretty much just dust). I dug through manure and mulched heavily with sugar cane the past two years to improve where the strawberries are now - in fact when I was putting in the new plants was the first time I had seen a worm in our garden in two years!

As you can see, we've got loads of fruit growing now! So far we haven't had too much trouble with bugs/birds getting to them - hopefully that keeps up and we'll have home grown strawberries for our waffles!



  1. yum! how exciting to have success this year. fingers crossed the birds, bugs and extreme heat stay away from what is looking like it is going to be a fantastic crop!

  2. Fantastic! Our strawberries are doing well, but not as well as yours, I think!

  3. Lovely strawberries, they looks so yummy.

  4. They look so yummy, what is the variety? Ours are being attacked by birds/possums - me thinks I need to order some of these...


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