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We had a wonderful afternoon filled with stitchy goodness at today's Brown Owls meeting - check out the wrap up on the Brown Owls members blog and this post at gnomeangel for some great pics of our lovely sticheries!

I decided to make a start on the embroidery blocks from the Country Time Quilt in Alicia Paulson's lovely Embroidery Companion. I started with the ducks, and as you can see from the shot up the top there, as usual I was so busy chatting (and eating) that I hardly got any crafting done ;o)

In the pattern there are 6 embroidered blocks: ducks, pony, cow, pig, sheep and rooster - I'm thinking about swapping out the sheep and rooster for a cat and a dog, so the search is on for patterns (of pictures) I can use that fit with the patterns from the book.

I already can't wait for our next meet =)


ps. I discovered this evening that the pattern for one of my favourites embroideries (the little girl with the ladybird) from the inspiration collage I posted yesterday is available as a freebie on flickr! Go check it out, and while you're there have a look at all the other lovelies in nanaCompany's photostream - I LOVE the placemats!!


  1. You've piqued my interest in Embroidery Companion... must look into getting it.

    I still miss Brown Owls, it was such a lovely way to spend a weekend afternoon.

  2. Sounds like a lovely afternoon. I am sorry I missed it.

  3. Thanks for those links! It was a lovely afternoon, wasn't it? So relaxing!


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