Sunday, February 27, 2011

February footy

Yesterday we went along to check out the first of 'two' AFL games which will be played at Manuka Oval this year (I think it really only counts as a half, since only one of the teams was an AFL team, but anyway...)

In all honesty the game wasn't great, but it was actually not as bad as I expected it too be - whilst Carlton won by over 25 goals there were some promising moments during play where I thought the GWS players did really well, given they are essentially kids playing against an established team of experienced AFL players.

No doubt there will be loads of discussion in the next week or so questioning the value of having had the GWS take part in the pre-season comp this year, but clearly the actual value for them has nothing to do with the game - it was all about marketing the brand, and establishing support and interest for the new side.

In any case, it was a gorgeous day - it was quite a novelty to watch live footy in ice-cream friendly weather!

If you're interested in seeing a couple more pics I've popped some over on flickr

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